Andrey Pavlovskiy

Andrey Pavlovskiy

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First Name * Andrey
Last Name * Pavlovskiy
Username * andreypav
Country * United States
City Los Angeles
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


Andrey Pavlovskiy
7040 Hawthorn Ave #4
LA, CA 90028
hm: (323) 469-4294
cell (323) 286-8878
2-d and 3-d Animation, Graphic Design & Illustration, Computer Illustrations and Desktop Publishing, Multimedia, 3-d Design.
Experience in wide variety of Animation, Design and Architectural Projects.
Maya Skills: Animation, Character Animation, Rigging, Modeling (polygons, subdivision surfaces and NURBs), Texturing, Tracking, Lighting, Special Effects. Interactive Multimedia Authoring, Scripting, Interface Design, Animation, Computer Graphics, Manual Illustration, Design, Story Boarding, Character Design, Layout, Illustration & Fontography.
Maya, Macromedia Flash, MatchMover, Boujou, HTML, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia FreeHand, After Effect, Shake, Adobe Premier, Strata Studio Pro, Macromedia PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Macromedia Director, Sound Edit 16, Adobe 3 Dimensions.
2005-2007 Pacific Title and Art, Animator, Los Angeles CA, Animation, Tracking, Texturing, Lighting, Special Effects, "XXX", "Flight Plan", "Fantastic Four’, “Gridiron Gang”, “Farce of the Penguins”, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, “RV”, “Munich”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Whisper”, “Masters of Science”, “Hurricane on the Bayou”, “The Santa Clause 3”, “The Wicker Man”, “Garfield”.
2005 Ring of Fire, Camera Tracker, Animator. Los Angeles CA, “NBC Olympics”.
2004 Del&Ra Prod.Co., Animator. Los Angeles CA, Character Animation, Animation, Rigging, Modeling, Lighting for movie "Legend of Eagle".
2004 Shepherd Pie Production, Atlanta GA, Lead Animator. Character Animation,
Animation, Rigging for movies "The Adventures of Hank & Hip Hop", Episode 7 " That's My Cookie", "Summer Camp".
2002-2003 The Romp, Hollywood CA, Animator. Animation, Character Animation, Special Effects for feature movie "When Booty Calls".
2002 Urban Entertainment, Los Angeles CA, Character Design, Storyboard for the episodes "Natural Enemies".
1999-2001 Stan Lee Media, Encino CA, Director Digital Art. Animated Story, Interactive Interfaces, Animation (2-d, 3-d), Special Effects, Character Animation, Lipsyn. Coordination work of digital artists.
1997-1999 Disney Online, Burbank CA, Lead Animator. Disney Blast, Story Group, Computer Graphic
Interactive Comics, Stories, Games, Puzzles, Aimation, Interactive Web Pages.
1994-1997 Image Watches, Inc., Los Angeles CA, Photoshop Group Leader, Graphic Design using Photoshop and Illustration. Design Logos, Brochures.
1990-1992 BelarusMultfilm, Minsk USSR, Artist - Animatior, 2-d Animation, Character Design, Storyboard, Backgrounds, In-betweens.
1986-1990 Advertising Art, Inc. Minsk USSR, Commercial Artist, 2-d Commercial Animation, Designed and Produced Brochures, Logos, Magazine Ads and Posters.
Studio Arts-Abram Friedman Multimedia Center - Los Angeles CA 2001
3-D Animation, MAYA.
Compu.College - Studio City CA 2001 Computer Programming.
Platt College - Los Angeles CA 1994-1996.
Computer Graphic & Illustration, Desktop Publishing, Multimedia.
Moscow Academy of Fine Arts - Moscow USSR 1984-1987 Master of Fine Arts.
Beltech University - Minsk USSR 1976-1981 Bachelor of Architecture.
Bauhaus Studio - Minsk USSR 1986-1988.